The government along with international corporations have put great effort into developing the agriculture sector. Extensive work has been done through modernization of equipment and practices to improve the production of crop yields, farming, fisheries, livestock and forestry.

Within this sector, there is a wide-range of areas we can assist you with from international arbitration to M&A among others. The team of Armadum Lawyers is at the forefront of law in these areas, providing you with the peace-of-mind that your business is safe. In our experience, we know that new legislation often creates barriers to investment and growth and we do our best to overcome it.

Frequent changes in the legislation creates barriers to investment and growth, and we are doing everything we can to overcome it. Representing clients in international courts is the most important aspect of our company. The Armadum Lawyers Team – professionals with whom you know that your business is safe. .

Armadum Lawyers represented global manufacturer of clothes in labor dispute.

Lawyers of the company represented the client in labor dispute with former employee who claimed reemployment, recovery of salary and moral damages compensation. Based on the properly gathered evidence and implemented strategy the case was successfully closed in Client’s favor and upheld by the trial court and court of appeal.