Armadum Lawyers successfully represented a European automobile tire company in a case related to unfair competition.

The team at Armadum Lawyers provided legal support to the client before bodies of the Anti-monopoly Committee of Ukraine concerning trademark infringement. In layman's terms, a business entity used the client's trademark without permission. The result of the lawsuit was the Anti-monopoly Committee of Ukraine found that the trademark had breached legislation on the protection against unfair competition. The administrative board of the Anti-monopoly Committee of Ukraine provided obligatory conditions to the business entity, which resulted in the discontinued use of the trademark.

Armadum Lawyers represented global manufacturer of clothes in labor dispute.

Lawyers of the company represented the client in labor dispute with former employee who claimed reemployment, recovery of salary and moral damages compensation. Based on the properly gathered evidence and implemented strategy the case was successfully closed in Client’s favor and upheld by the trial court and court of appeal.