Erol Ismail

Partner, Department of Banking and Finance Department, Capital Markets, Head Office London office

Erol Ismail has been advising clients on various legal issues for 20 years, including legal support for major projects in the banking industry; regulation of credit institutions and professional participants of the securities market, commercial, corporate and financial law; structuring of international financial and investment transactions; issue and circulation of securities. He has extensive experience in matters of foreign exchange controls, as well as in the resolution of disputes involving financial institutions.

Erol focuses on transactions related to capital markets, project financing, complex financial restructuring transactions with derivative financial instruments (derivatives).

In the past, he was the founder of the network of Burger King in the UK and has been recognized as one of the best specialists in the field of doing business in this industry.

Armadum Lawyers represented global manufacturer of clothes in labor dispute.

Lawyers of the company represented the client in labor dispute with former employee who claimed reemployment, recovery of salary and moral damages compensation. Based on the properly gathered evidence and implemented strategy the case was successfully closed in Client’s favor and upheld by the trial court and court of appeal.