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СFC : we will hold a free consultation for entrepreneurs who have foreign companies

Are you a citizen of Ukraine and do you own a foreign company? You need to prepare, because from January 1, 2021 the provisions of the Anti-BEPS law will come into force. This means that from the new year in Ukraine is implemented measure 3 of the project Erosion of the tax base and withdrawal of profits from taxation.

We want to help businesses that own foreign companies prepare for the requirements of the new law! And we offer a preliminary free consultation about KIK.

The consultation will be especially useful if:

• you own more than 50% of the corporate rights of a foreign company;
• you own more than 10%, provided that the total residents of Ukraine own a share of 50% or more in such a company;
• You exercise actual control over a foreign company.

At the preliminary free consultation, our lawyers will be able to outline all the risks associated with owning foreign companies for such persons and provide advice on how to avoid such risks. To register for a free consultation, write to us or call +380 (44) 288 34 14
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