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Criminal law
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Criminal law

Lawyers in criminal proceedings act as a guarantor of the rights, freedoms and interests of their client. Armadum Lawyers provides qualified legal defense to all participants in criminal proceedings.


To the victim:

  • Writing a statement to law enforcement;
  • collecting evidence confirming the damage caused by a criminal offense;
  • Representation of the interests of the victim in criminal proceedings;
  • articipation in investigative (search) and other procedural actions.



  • participation in interrogation and other investigative (search) actions;
  • preparation of responses to letters, requests and resolutions of the investigator;
  • Representation of the interests of the witness in criminal proceedings.



  • protection of the suspect at the time of arrest;
  • participation in the interrogation of the suspect (accused);
  • appointment of expert examinations in criminal proceedings;
  • protection in carrying out searches;
  • initiation of investigative (search) activities;
  • withdrawal of seizure of property;
  • appealing against the actions and decisions of the investigator, prosecutor;
  • protection of the accused in court.


Other persons whose rights were violated during the pre-trial investigation:

  • The removal of the seizure of property;
  • preparation of petitions during the pre-trial investigation;
  • appealing the decisions, actions or inaction of the investigator, prosecutor, detective.


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