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Absenteeism is the absence of an employee at the workplace or on the territory for no good reason for more than 3 hours. It is a misdemeanor and provides for disciplinary responsibility-a reprimand or dismissal.
According to the current legislation of Ukraine, by January 1, 2025, all owners of Unallocated land plots or their direct heirs must register ownership of their shares.
If the requirement is not met, it will be considered that the owners of the plots automatically gave up the land, and it will become the communal property of the territorial community on whose territory they are located.
Since life does not stand still, technologies are improving every day and information progress penetrates into all areas of our present, it is not surprising that the judicial system did not stay away and introduced such an innovation as the electronic court, which makes communication between citizens with the courts more comfortable and accessible, and also significantly saves resources for participants in court proceedings.
Evidence is any factual data obtained in accordance with the procedure provided for by law and on the basis of which the presence or absence of facts and circumstances relevant to the resolution of the case is established. They can be classified as follows: primary and derivative, accusatory and exculpatory, direct and indirect, personal, written and material.
Quite often, there are cases when an employee by their actions or inaction causes harm to the enterprise. And then there is a question, very relevant for all parties to labor relations, about bringing to financial responsibility.