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National Guard to be given right to bring lawbreakers to administrative responsibility

08.18.2021, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has registered a draft law on amending the Code of Administrative Offences to improve the legal practice of the National Guard of Ukraine (hereinafter - the draft law).

The initiators of this draft law argue for its adoption as a complete legal regulation "the need to develop the National Guard of Ukraine and to strengthen the institutional capacity to perform tasks as intended.

What will change?

First of all, it is planned to provide the National Guard of Ukraine (in the future - the National Guard of Ukraine) with a legal personality in relation to persons who commit administrative offences, which are planned to be defined as the following list of administrative offences.

The National Guard of Ukraine will have the right to hold violators administratively liable:

- quarantine violations;

- minor hooliganism;

- shooting with a firearm, cold metal or pneumatic weapon and so on

- smoking tobacco products in prohibited places;

- drinking beer, spirits, low alcoholic drinks in a prohibited place or being drunk in a public place;

- malicious disobedience to the lawful order or demand of the police, a member of the public order and state border protection team or a member of the armed forces;

- public appeals against the disobedience of police or Ministry of Law Enforcement Officials in the Armed Forces of Ukraine;

- violation of the order of production, storage, transportation, trade and use of pyrotechnic instruments.

At the same time members of the National Guard of Ukraine acquire rights and duties similar to those of other law enforcement officers.

How will this affect the public?

Instead, it should be noted that granting the National Guard of Ukraine additional powers to oversee law enforcement in Ukraine will not be an additional burden for ordinary citizens. If this draft law acquires the status of a normative legal act, it will attract an additional body to oversee compliance with Ukraine's current legislation.

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