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Protection of the rights of the victim in a criminal case

The aggrieved is a physical person to whom physical, property or moral harm has been caused by a crime. In cases of crime, which resulted in the death of the victim, his rights are transferred to his close relatives.

Representation of the interests of the aggrieved party in criminal proceedings is a whole complex of actions. It is necessary to submit applications to law enforcement agencies, to obtain the status of the victim, to collect evidence. If the prosecutor refuses to prosecute the defendant, then the support of the state prosecution in court will also be needed.

Each case has its own specifics: what is the course of the investigation, what evidence has already been collected or requires investigation, as well as what the position of the suspect, the investigator and the prosecutor.

Correctly built by the lawyer strategy to protect the rights of the victim is the rendering of a legal and reasonable decision of the court.

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