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Armadum Lawyers has successfully defended the interests of one of the largest associations of agricultural enterprises in Ukraine

Armadum Lawyers' lawyers have successfully implemented a client's case in the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine in a dispute over the establishment of unfair competition. Lawyers protected the client from misuse of the brand name and designation of the association.

In particular, the defendant in the case illegally used the name and emblem of the client's association to confuse the activities of his own organization and the all-Ukrainian association.

Defendant engaged in commercial business activities by misleading and persuading members of the client's association to cooperate and using his long-standing business reputation.

As a result of coordinated and professional actions of Armadum Lawyers lawyers, as a result of collecting and forming the appropriate evidence base, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine made a positive decision in favor of the client.

According to the decision it was:
  • the fact of the defendant's unfair competition in the form of illegal use without the permission of the client's association of its commercial (brand) name and emblem, which may lead to confusion with the activities of the client's association.
  • the defendant was fined UAH 42,500. with an obligation to stop the misuse of the commercial (brand) name and emblem of the client's association.
Armadum Lawyers have won another victory in the national legal arena and continue to work fruitfully in other matters.
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