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Armadum Lawyers successfully defended the interests of one of the largest national pharmaceutical manufacturers when appealing the results of the tender to the Antimonopoly committee of Ukraine

The company's lawyers successfully represented the interests of a Client – one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in Ukraine, in the permanent administrative Board for consideration of complaints about violations of legislation in the field of public procurement under the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine in a dispute regarding the wrongful rejection of a tender offer of a Client who had the best price offer.

In particular, representatives of the bidder-one of the largest specialized children's hospitals-decided that the tender offer did not meet the terms of the tender documentation. However, as a result of well-coordinated and professional actions of lawyers, on the basis of proper evidence, the complaint was fully satisfied: the fact of violation of the procurement procedure by the customer was established, the customer's decision to reject The customer's tender offer was canceled, and the Customer's decision to recognize another bidder as the winner was canceled.

As a result of repeated consideration of the tender offers, the Client was declared the winner of the relevant procurement procedure.

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