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Law enforcement VS Ukrainian business: modern realities

Business in Ukraine is currently going through extremely difficult times. The coronavirus pandemic is forcing entrepreneurs to adapt to new realities. Unfortunately, many small and medium-sized companies find it difficult to cope with the crisis and risk not surviving the end of the pandemic.

Also recently, the activity of law enforcement and regulatory agencies has increased. The reasons for this are the increase in the number of economic offenses, raids and pressure on business to obtain illegal financial benefits.

One of the most popular "tricks" of law enforcement officers is the registration of criminal proceedings on the grounds of a criminal offense under Article 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

You may ask, "How does this apply to business?" And everything is simple. Law enforcement agencies mostly register these proceedings for alleged violations in tenders and the use of budget funds involving the private sector.

In addition, one of the most popular articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, which is manipulated by law enforcement, is Article 190 about Fraud. In cases involving the use of a criminal offense, it is easy to reclassify this article to a more serious part of the article or to another criminal offense. It all depends on the ultimate goal of the so-called criminal prosecution of business.

This provides an opportunity to create conditions for investigative and investigative actions in relation to business, which are expressed in extortion, interrogation, searches and seizures of property.

All this creates additional risks for business, but instead of overcoming the consequences of such pressure, it is best to prevent and prevent it. This in turn will save you money, time and nerves. To prevent illegal measures against business, it is necessary to carry out a set of preventive measures that will ensure legitimate business activities.

Armadum Lawyers takes a comprehensive approach to business security, which includes analyzing existing risks and forecasting risks that may arise in the future, conducting specialized staff training and making individual recommendations for improving the business security system.

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