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A new secure register of construction activities has been launched in Ukraine

Instead of the old State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate of Ukraine, which is known for corruption schemes, Ministry of Digital Transformation has launched a new building registry. It will be exclusively owned by the state. So, they plan to prevent unauthorized access to it, the introduction of incorrect data and the emergence of corruption schemes.

As our lawyer Dmitry Marushevsky explains, the creation of a new register of construction activities is a positive step towards a complete reform of architectural and construction control in Ukraine.

It is worth noting that important innovations are the individualization of an official who enters the relevant information into the register by using a personal electronic signature (KEPU) and the expansion of the data volume will be indicated in the register.

At the same time, a new, public and easy-to-use registry is only one of many ingredients for a successful reform.

It is very important to ensure the further creation and functioning of the State Inspection for Urban Development of Ukraine, which will exercise proper, equal control for all and streamline the activities of Ukrainian developers in accordance with European standards.

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