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How to register a land plot: explainer

In 2020, Ukraine launched a land reform that lifted the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land. Thus, from 2021 to 2024, individuals will have the right to purchase land. Legal entities are prohibited from buying agricultural land during this period, they will be able to buy it only from 2024.

Land reform was promised to be fully launched in July 2021. However, you can prepare for it now. The Office of Anti-Raiding recently published instructions on how to carry out state registration of land.

The Office notes that the so-called state acts on old-fashioned land are valid, but today the main condition for the formalization of the status of land owner is the assignment of a cadastral number to the plot. The key to protecting property from fraudulent transactions is the digitization of relevant information: their inclusion in the State Register of Real Property Rights.

Therefore, the first step in the state registration of land the assignment of a cadastral number. To do this, you need to contact the nearest developer of land management documentation for the preparation of technical documentation for the establishment (restoration) of the boundaries of the land in kind (on the ground).

When the number is assigned and the data on the land plot are correctly displayed in the State Land Cadastre, you need to visit the local executive body, notary or administrative service center.

For state registration of land ownership you need to submit a package of documents, in particular, a passport and a document that is the basis for the right to land:
• state act on land ownership;
• contract of sale;
• judgment;
• a certificate of inheritance.

The last step is to obtain an extract from the State Register of Rights on state registration of land ownership. The general term of consideration of the documents submitted for the state registration makes 5 working days.

As our senior lawyer Dmytro Marushevsky explains, despite the fact that the procedure for registering a land plot on paper looks quite simple, unfortunately, in reality in Ukraine it is a rather complicated and lengthy process, which often ends in court.

Frequent problems that landowners face when entering them into the State Land Cadastre are overlays of adjacent land plots (which are already included in the State Land Cadastre) on the owner's land plot. This makes it impossible to further register this area or the discrepancy of the documentation available to the owner of the site to its actual parameters in kind, etc.

For the correct and prompt solution of the above problem situations, the best option is to turn in advance to specialists who have a time-tested algorithm of actions to effectively help the client.
In particular, one of the practices of Armadum Lawyers is land law. We have a number of successfully completed projects, including in terms of land registration issues.
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